Judging people for what? Just for having a self contentment that you are better than others. Hey..wait, not self contentment but a fake self satisfaction. We never judge people whom we love or who are good to us but then why only haters or the one you have hatred for? we don’t judge anyone if something has gone wrong with them, but we judge them because we dont have confidence on ourselves and we manipulate ourselves that “how cheap is she looking!” “what a dork!” and we compare ourselves with them. we actually feel jealous of others when we judge.

Second thing is, you never know who is in what phase of their lives so rather then just making assumptions and being judgemental try to know the fact, the situation and the problem they are suffering from.

When you judge someone, sometimes it does not really manifest his/her status or how they are but it always reflects your standard. Judging someone will never make you a big person but understanding him and giving him the way to a good life will surely do. Before judging a person think once that there are thousands and millions of people like you in this globe, if you can judge someone or deem him negatively then why cant anyone else. Everyone on this planet has a story, we never know after what all consequences this person is here with us so lets stop judging people. If you are judging someone or interfering in their lives it depicts that the one they have is more interesting. Every single minute we keep on judging anything. Lets make that time productive than being a motormouth or chatterbox. Before judging anyone make sure your hands are clean.





What’s the most precious element of your body? Some will say smile, few will say hair. Others may be eyes or nails. Well, I say TEARS.

Imagine yourself sitting in that solitude space of your room, grabbing up that pillow into your arms with those fierce feelings into your eyes. And suddenly your eyes starts watering. The pillow into your hand experiences the fall of most precious gems from your eyes. Those are not just TEARS. Those are your weapons. The one who don’t cry, can’t express their emotions. They can’t peep out into their heart to know what’s going on with them. Your tears are so powerful. It’s never your weakness that you cry. Your tears are your strength.

But yes, there’s great difference between crying alone, crying every time in front of everyone and crying in front of their loved ones. Well, crying alone makes you very strong. When the world is standing opposite to you, you yourself are the one who is going to help you. So, crying to know yourself and gathering strength is never so wrong.

Crying in front of your loved ones gives you power to express your feelings but sobbing in front of everyone everytime for same reason again and again marks your weakness sometimes. It shows that you are not able to deal with your problem. It signifies your immaturity.

Friends, crying for your problem is not a bad idea. Cry as much as you want, but make sure that you don’t cry for the same reason again, ever ever in your life.

Letting tears fall does not mean you have stopped being strong. It was a way to cope so that you can carry on being strong.

Lack of satisfaction is necessary!!

Everyone says “Be happy with what you have”. Suppose you earn. Rs.30,000 a month and you can easily fulfill your needs with this income, so will you stop working for having better than this. Each one of us have dreams to be a big personality, a rich and prosperous person but no one wants to work more if he has no need to earn much . So, I guess you know what I am talking about, ‘satisfaction’. This is something which stops ourselves to have more. Everyone say, we should be satisfied with what we have but ‘NO’ if you are happy with what you have then you feel it unnecessary to achieve even better. We become lazy to set a goal for one step ahead. As soon as you achieve something you should go ahead for the next part. You should never be satisfied with yourself. Now, not being satisfied doesn’t mean to be unhappy with what you have, it’s about working for something even better because sky is limitless and thus there’s no end to your way. Also it’s not about being jealous from others if you have, it’s about gaining more and show your competitors.

So, I’ll just ask you to never stop, if you lose then try again and if you win then move ahead.

It’s not just about ‘Mother’s Day’

10 May 2020, the most wonderful day from the calendar. The day to give respect and care to all the lovely mothers.

Do you also think so? It’s not about showing respect to your mom and taking care of her this single day. Your mom only works on this day? “No” ,then why to wait for this day to make her feel special! Just for the sake of reel life of social media. If someone have the real feelings for their mother, he/she is always there helping her out of her daily chores or any other work.

Friends, it’s always your mom who handles your mood swings and your work without any complain. There’s no other person on this planet who has the power to hold the entire family 💕. Just preparing cakes, having celebrations doesn’t justifies your affection towards your mum. We always puke out our anger on her and she swallows it without a word. If she says something, we are like “hey Mom, it’s not your cup of tea, you can’t do that” I’ll ask “how many of you have talked to your father’s like that?” I guess very few.. I wonder, why is it so ? Oh yes, she’s female and therefore she doesn’t have power to speak against you..and you know better than her, right?

Dude, she is your mom, the one single day when she speak you won’t be able to make her quiet. The day when she’ll sign off from her work, you won’t be able to do anything. The day when she’ll leave you all, the entire family will disperse.

The gist was , don’t wait for any day, just feel her contribution towards the family and make her feel as the best person ever everyday . ‘Mother’ she’s just a title above ‘Queen’. Because, Mothers play the role of many characters, but there’s no one to play her role!!❤️

Make your way across the boundaries!!

“Hey that’s so cool, I also wanna try that.” 80% of people are just engaged in this thing. In today’s time it’s totally clear that once something fascinates you, you run behind it. And you mean it your GOAL. Many would set someone as their IDOL and mean them their goal. But I say ‘NO’. Setting up a goal is 100 times different then setting up a role model . In other words ,it’s okay to become something but totally not to become someone. Success means different to different people , make sure that the one you mean is very much different from others. Don’t expect yourself to be like others and even others to be like you. “Why?”..To make yourself irreplaceable ,and to be a such you have to be your own way. Dr. Suess had said , “be who you are and say what you feel. Because those who mind doesn’t matter and those who matter doesn’t mind. Out of 7.8 billion people in the world , every single person has a quality. So why to push on those qualities inside. Just provoke yourself ,your uniqueness to come out . If everyone starts becoming the same ,how would something new come up? The words like GOAL and AIM will start loosing it’s meaning. The next ‘TREND’ , trend is something I would always reject . Following a trend, in my words is simply copying someone. Why to waste time in doing a thing which is already done. Try to make your time productive , every single day when something new comes up, our world progresses. So, try not to follow a trend rather make your own trend which others are not able to. By ending my words I’ll just say, the society wants you to be as same as everyone to make a balance but try not to fit in society and just Make your way across the boundaries!!!